Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Therapy

This morning after dropping Ella at pre-school Ryen and I went for a nice walk around our neighborhood and the one behind us. She had fun pointing out birdies and nature watching. As we walked past a playground I saw some swings. I thought Ryen would like to ride them with me, so we hopped on. It was SO much fun! Not only that- it was so relaxing. The sun was shining in our faces, the wind was whipping through our hair. The sound of the birds chirping, and my daughter's little tiny adorable voice saying "whee" was so amazing. I remembered how much I loved swings as a kid and how great that feeling was.

Ryen got down to drink some water and go down the slides and I used it as an opportunity to get back on the swings. I leaned back,closed my eyes, put my face to the sky and it was incredible. It was better than a massage or pedicure cause they usually leave me disappointed when it is over and so relaxed that I wish I could take a nap. Instead I felt invigorated, at peace and ready for my day.

This may just be my new form of FREE therapy when I am having a bad day or in need of some peace. If you haven't been on a swing lately, I recommend you try it! XO

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