Saturday, March 6, 2010

PhotoRescue.exe to the RESCUE!

My biggest fear is always that I will accidentally delete the image on my camera flash card. If I delete photos on my computer I know I will find them in the recycle bin. But my flash card has no recycle bin and when they are gone they are GONE. So I was totally freaked when after 15,000 photos taken with my Canons I FINALLY deleted the contents of my card. It had 89 photos on it, and I was CRUSHED. Didn't have anything major on there in the long run but it did have my first time taking Ella to Build-A-Bear on there and some other photos of my beauties and we all know how much I love photographing my kid's days. Well enter photorescue.exe, a downloadable program that was able to recover 85 of my 89 deleted photos off my flash card. I recommend it to anyone who makes this mistake too, and here are the photos I recovered:

Ella at Build-A-Bear for being a big girl at her blood draw at the lab!
My girls playing at the play area at the Mall
Fun at Toy Towne with The Fisk kids!
My girls cuddling on the floor:
Can you see why I was so upset to lose these photos! I am so happy to have them back...

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  1. Such an awesome thing to know about! Thanks for sharing! It's been a fear of mine to loose pics - Love Love LOVE the ones of then playing at the bottom!