Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Kids, 2 Girls, and Whole lot of Fun and Love! :)

Yesterday as I was picking Ella up from pre-school I met this Mom and her adorably handsome son in line. He was a total 6 mos old flirt flashing me his baby blues and a flirty smile. He made my day. This woman said to me "Now I understand the bond between a Mother and a Son." I have to say a couple years ago my heart would have sunk when I heard that. But for the first time, it didn't. Even when she asked me "so do you have one of each" and I said, "no two girls". Even when I saw that look flash on her face that said "aww too bad". It didn't make me as sad as it used to. I think I am finally letting go of it, and able to just appreciate the love I have, the love of two beautiful, intelligent, and healthy daughters. Although I am still convinced that raising boys is easier, hey I have always loved a challenge right? This mom also said something else that left me thinking long after our conversation was over. She basically said she will be a nightmare Mother-in-Law, cause she doesn't want any other Woman to have her son's heart but her. It is funny how Mother's are way more weary of daughter-in-laws then they are of son-in-laws. I think it is maybe because deep know we know Women run the family, the house, the kids, and are the glue that holds families together. When you have sons, you have to give that control over to a woman you have little control over. At least when you have daughters you know you can guide them, influence them, guilt them, scold them etc no matter how old they get. Hmm. Maybe a silver lining... lol

Can you tell they are sisters????

Speaking of letting go, of things, I think I am getting closer to letting go of the hope that I will have more kids. It really isn't fair for me to keep bringing it up to Jimmy when we agreed on two before we even got married. I think it has been hard for me to let go because I didn't get a boy, because I just loved being pregnant and because I always wished I came from a HUGE family with tons of Aunts/Uncles/Cousins etc. and probably also because Jimmy has no family for our girls, I just loved the idea of filling the house up with kids. (nothing crazy like the Duggars who just had their 19th, but a nice round number of 4 would suffice.) Heck lately I would settle for 3! But I am not mentioning it anymore and am accepting the fact that I have two children and that I am done. I told him if he changes his mind (on his own) then I will always be willing. But if he doesn't, then that is ok too. A deal is a deal. And two Drama Queens is plenty, well only 1.5 drama queens so far...

Here is a cute photo of my miniature .5 drama queen playing in her big sisters rain boots!

Check out these awesome, amazing, incredible BOW holders my neighbor made for my girls! She was making some for her own princesses and asked who wanted in. ME OF COURSE! Her price was GREAT and these things are HUGE. They are like 18" canvas. I love love love them! Cant wait to get organized with their bows...

A few more cute photos of the girls!

Momma Ryen and her babies; and this free oversized balloon has repeatedly caused my two little girls a serious case of the giggles!

Now I am glad I never filled that cubby with vases or tchotchkes!

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