Friday, March 19, 2010

Ice Skating Update...

Ice Princess

Ella and I have been taking Ice skating for three weeks now. A Mommy and Me class where I get to get on the ice with her. This class has taught me that I love ice skating and want to take an adult class. I will definitely be looking into that next year and am adding it to my bucket list. I have had so much doing this with Ella, just the two of us, and seeing how excited she gets on the ice. However that being said, Ella is DRIVING ME CRAZY!! Our biggest problems at ice skating are 1. She wont listen to me or her teacher cause she is too excited. 2. She thinks she knows how to skate already.

Gold medal pair?? Ha ha

The teachers keep trying to get her to walk on the ice. We started with baby steps, then marching, and now just walking briskly across the ice. All in preparation for he step glide that is coming. But from the first class Ella has only wanted to glide and she actually said "Mommy I already know how to skate, now let me go do my figure eights!" But when she tries to "skate" already, she falls on her butt if I don't catch her. Which tonight, I didn't. I was hoping it would show her that is not ready to skate yet and she needs to be patient in order to not fall. Big mistake! Because of the couple hard falls she took she was afraid to skate by herself was clinging to me, panicking which only makes it harder and makes her fall more, and she was letting out these annoying grunty screams that were distracting to everyone. Due to tonight's problems I have no photos. BUT Daddy and Ryen both came to ice skating last week and luckily we have TONS of photos from last week!

The girls waiting patiently for hockey to be over.

Our week two lesson!

Next week the teacher is going to see if Ella will be braver if an assistant coach skates with her instead of me the whole time. We'll see... Overall though we are having a blast!!

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  1. I so want to take skating lessons too, that would be fun.