Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!!

We had a bunch of Easter activities this year. First, the girls had a few Easter type celebrations and events at school. Then on Sunday before Easter we went to The Great AZ Puppet Theater in Phoenix to see their presentation of Jack Rabbit and the Easter basket. We had a couple friends meet us there.

Ryen and I played with a bunny at a farm a few days later :)

On Friday we went to Bounce U for their Bunny Bounce event. My friend Pamela met us there with her children.

After bouncing for a while we went and had some cupcakes. And check out the PHOTOBOMB the Easter Bunny did below. LOL!!!

Then we got real pics with the Easter Bunny before we headed in for an egg hunt.

We stopped by the Gilbert Farmer's Market on Saturday and bumped into the Princesses!!! I was sad to see Ella struggle with the decision of whether she wanted to say hi and take pictures. She was torn cause she feels she is too old to like them but I know at heart she does. :)

Then we stopped at a small petting zoo they had set up. Even Cali wanted to say hi to the animals.

Then we went home and the girls stuffed eggs for our annual Easter brunch and egg hunt with the neighbors.

That night the Easter Bunny delivered the girls baskets.

On Easter morning the girls loved their baskets and some of the fun they found inside...

but they loved the Lite Sprite wands that Nana and Grandpa gave them more. :)

Then we got our dresses on and headed to the park for Easter brunch. I just love these baby girls. (except I hate when Ryen doesn't smile)

Everyone is getting excited for our big egg hunt :)

There they go!

I promised my girls on Easter that we could have a smaller Easter egg hunt in our backyard within a couple days. So on Tuesday I had to squeeze it in between dinner and dance class. Now, my little Ryen is obsessed with taking her clothes off after school. And I had no time to fight with her about putting some on for our egg hunt or we would have been late for dance. So YES, my baby is in her undies for these pics. Cause that is how a Supermom has to roll sometimes ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter full of Family, Friends and fun! :) xo

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