Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Weekend of fun :)

What a busy weekend of fun! Friday night my girlfriends and I checked out the new hot spot that opened in Gilbert, Postino's East. There is already a Postino's in Phoenix that is a pretty incredible wine bar with a great menu. So when they opened one in Gilbert it was destined to be a success. And you know you have arrived when you have your own toilet paper with your name on it in the bathroom. ha ha ha

We had a great time and we tried lots of wines :)

The next day Ryen's boyfriend Leo had his birthday party. We loved the bike parade idea that his Mom came up with :) The kids all decorated their bikes and then rode together around the park.

Then it was time for cake :)

Later that night a bunch of us went out to celebrate my friend Kathryn's birthday. We went to Canteen on Mill. We had some great drinks and some great food!

The owner ended up joining us for awhile (slow night and he thought he was a stud). But he kept giving out free shots so what the heck, ha ha! He did manage to get some group shots of us though!

We had so much fun as he kept snapping away and the outtake photos were awesome. Here is one of my favorites.

The next day was having fun with my kiddos as usual. And since they know I say no all the time, they asked Daddy if they could have a slushy. He made me promise to get them one. So here was my proof :)

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