Friday, March 9, 2012

The Ostrich Festival 2012

The Ostrich Festival is a Chandler weekend festival every year that pays tribute to Chandler's history of Ostrich Farms. It is our annual family tradition. We love to go on Friday cause there are no lines, we are one of the first ones there and we get to go on all the rides we want (more than once) before the crowds hit! This year we also got an up front parking spot! :) Woo hoo!! The first thing we did was to start hitting the rides.

We went down some huge slides and then hit a fun house with some funky mirrors for some giggles

More rides :)

We sat and had some dinner and watched some dancers from a local dance school perform.

And yes their are Ostriches at the Ostrich Festival!!

We tried to make it to the Ostrich races but didn't realize they run like 1 race which lasts all of 30 seconds. We caught the last 10 seconds of one though, ha ha. The girls were bummed but we got them over it quick when we offered them a camel ride :)

Then we hit the petting zoo to see some cool animals and feed some hungry goats!

Next the girls got their face painted!

and after we got balloon animals and visited the GECKO :)

Awww, Daddy and his girls :)

While we were going on rides again, Minnie and Mickey showed up for a bit (albeit a pretty scary version or Minnie and Mickey, but luckily my kids didn't notice or didn't care)

The kids had a great time running through this obstacle course fun house over and over again

Then it was time for rides rides and more rides...

Yay, we love the Carousel!

We got some great shots from on top of the Ferris Wheel :)

After the Ferris Wheel it was time for each girl to pick one more ride to go on.

They had an amazing time and can't wait for next year! :)

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