Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Week 1

Yay! Spring Break time!! We started our Spring break on Friday by visiting The Ostrich Festival (separate post coming soon). We did a lot of fun things this week and hit many of the spots Ella LOVES. On Saturday the girls and I had a photo shoot at the Orange Grove in Mesa. These are some of the sneak peeks we got of the shoot. Can't wait to get our disc in the mail :)

After we hung out at home for a while and played before Mommy headed out with her friends for dinner at PF Changs and then to see WICKED! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday we played in the front yard most of the morning with our friend Maggie.

The weather was GORGEOUS! Even Cali was taking advantage of it.

Eventually we headed inside for more fun of Candyland and forts! :)

Later we hit BOUNCE U! One of Ella's favorite!

After we had dinner with our friends and got silly!

I have to tell you that my girls have been SUCH troopers when it comes to my gym schedule. I am in the gym 4 days a week for 2 hours and sometimes an extra shorter visit or two on other days. So I have been very good about rewarding them with fun activities in return for their patience with that. On Monday we met our friends at Peter Piper Pizza for some playtime and lunch! I didn't take my camera for this one though.

On Tuesday we headed to San Tan Village and had a lazy picnic by the play area.

Ryen has already mastered burping on command and now she is perfecting the art of blowing bubbles with just her saliva. My over achiever ha ha ha!

Our friends met us and we played at the kiddy area, visited build a bear, the puppy store and ended our day at FROST! I was good. I didn't have one of my own I only had a bite or two of the kids! :)

On Wednesday the kids went to the movies... sort of, LOL. We were supposed to see The Lorax with our friends but their Dad took them to see the day before by accident. Oops. But the kids have been dying to go into the kids area at the theater so we put them in there and Trish and I saw a movie. We saw Friends With Kids. It was hilarious, but warning, very vulgar and had the silliest ending I have ever seen. :)

The kids loved the "day care". They got unlimited popcorn, made crafts, watched Tangled, played video games and with toys all for the price of a matinee while we got to see a movie. I will definitely be using that again! :) After we took them to the Food Court for some dinner and then watched as they found a patch of grass outside to play freeze tag and duck duck goose. They are such a fun bunch together. We heart them!

On Thursday it was BOWLING with some other friends. But due to an impromptu 3 yr old having a bad day my friend Lis, had to take her younger son home, but Hudson got to stay and play with us! He was so good and they kids had so much fun!

And even though she came in last, she had a blast! :)

After bowling we played some games in the arcade :) They started on a virtual roller coaster, and as you can see by the fact that Ryen got off the ride, and Hudson and Ella have that look on their face, this ride was no joke. :)

And these bumper hover cars are AWESOME!

Air hockey!!

After when we took Hudson home, Elissa had cupcakes ready for us to frost and decorate :)

They LOVED them Elissa! Thank you :)

On Friday we hit the pool for some swimming and water slides!! It was 86 degrees!! A nice taste of summer... Yay!!

After the pool we needed to wash off the sunscreen and chlorine so we hopped in the bath. The qirls were super excited when they saw they were finally going to get to try Squishy Baff! They waited forever to have this.

And we had to use both packages cause the false advertising on the box that says you can get TWO baths out of it, but the directions inside tell you the Squishy Baff people consider a bath to be 2.5" of water???

And the girls waited forever for the bath to change into goo. And this was the best we got. Just a lot of pink water and small microscopic clear beads that the kids said "felt like they were taking a bath with invisible bugs."

Not to mention the packet that claims that you sprinkle in the powder to dissolve the goo and within 5-10 minutes its back to water. Ummm... after waiting 20 minutes I finally just pulled the plug in the drain and drained it. Then we all had to give the girls showers to get the goo off them and to clean the tub. Ugh! Never again and I want my money back! LOL

On Saturday my BFF Greg came to town for some Spring Training games and the girls were super excited to see their Uncle Greg! His girlfriend Sarah was with him and my girls like her a lot so they were excited to see her too. We picked them up at their hotel and they were all dressed in green for St Patty's Day!

We went to Scottsdale Fashion Mall to walk around and Greg treated my girls to a Build A Bear. They were so excited!

Then they went to the gym for Kids Night Out while Jimmy and I had Parents Night Out. We went to one of our favorite spots, Canteen on Mill Ave and then met back up with Greg and Sarah to go to a St Patty's Day party. It was great hanging with them!

We ended our first week with seriously cold temperatures and bad rain storms. My kids are sheltered from rain and I despise COLD rains more than anything. So I think they thought by how I was acting that they would melt if the rain touched them. :) Perfect weather to warm up with my weekend coffee :) ahhhh.....

I was so cold from the rain and sore after my workout that I drew a hot Epsom salt bath. Within minutes I had naked baby tushies begging for me to let them join. I put a good fight but lost :D

After bath time we made healthy smoothies (for Mommy) and yummy cookies for the kids. It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

And when the day was over we had this treasure waiting for us. A double rainbow.

Another week of Spring Break Fun to go before my baby is back in school. I can taste Summer vacation coming right around the corner!! :)

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  1. They are getting so big, I love all the fun things we can do with them now. Too bad we missed all the fun Spring Break stuff. It looks like some nice mommy daughter bonding time.