Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun Day with Uncle Greg

During St Patrick's Day weekend Uncle Greg was in town with his girlfriend Sarah to see some Spring Training games here in Scottsdale. We decided to meet up with them at their hotel and head to the mall for some fun! The girls were excited, especially when they saw Greg and Sarah in their St Patty's Day accessories!

Fun at the mall!

Then Greg took us to Build A Bear and told the girls he would buy them yet ANOTHER one! Boy he spoils them rotten! And they love it...

Of course Ryen had to make sure Miss Sarah approved of her bear and ask for outfit advice :)

Next we headed to the doggie store to watch the dogs play for a bit. I almost took a rescue home with me.

Goofing off with Uncle Greg behind the fountains!

And Ryen just LOVED Sarah. Both girls called her a beautiful princess on the drive home.

Jimmy and I actually met up with Sarah and Greg later that night for an adults only St Patty's party. It was great catching up with you guys! xo

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