Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Fun in the Snow!

** Disclaimer... my first blog post since Blogger forced me to a new interface that is VERY hard to figure out. This post may looked jacked until I figure it out!

As the hot weather already feels annoying and I strive to get caught up on my blog, what better than to look back over pics of our adventure in the snow we had during Spring Break. Enjoy! This is a mixture of phone pics and camera pics so some are not the best quality :)

Car is packed and we are ready to go! 

Excited kiddos!

Hitting the open road...

Haven't seen this type of message in about 8 years! LOL

We made it though!!

Beautiful Red Rocks!

We snapped these at Circle K during a quick potty break, LOL.

Then headed outside to take pics with the beautiful snow covered red rocks

Next we headed to the hotel and this road reminded me SO much of Massachusetts.

Next it was time to warm up in our hotel room for a bit...

But not for long cause the snow (and our friends Dominick and Brooklyn) was calling their names!!

My kids could not stop diving in the snow for snow angels. Ella was making some on her stomach and Ryen on her back.

We headed to the creek and the kids found a hammock to relax on for all of 5 minutes.

Ryen found a snowman and gave him some arms :)

The kids LOVED the snow!

The scenery around the hotel was beautiful. Especially these trees.

And of course Ryen had to find a random fish statue and start calling it NEMO. And then we made a snow dog, cause they are cooler then snow men!

But soon it was time to go get warm up again. And what better way to warm up then jumping on the beds with friends???

Later after playing in the snow again, going for a walk, and having some dinner; the kids wanted to take a bath in the jacuzzi style tub! So in the went!! (you can tell Carina is a professional as she packed bathing suits and I clearly didn't, LOL)

The kids and I headed to bed knowing the snow would still be waiting for us in the morning. And speaking of morning... the kids were eager to get back outside!

They played in the snow while I packed up the car. Soon it was time to say goodbye to our friends.

I had such a great time with my babies in the snow! I am glad they loved it!

We stopped by the red rocks one more time to say goodbye to Sedona!

We took some scenic photos around town before getting on the highway.

What a great trip! Thanks Ciccarrelli family for letting us crash the party! :)

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