Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daisies at the Arbor Rose :)

Our girl scout troop recently visited an Assisted Living center in Mesa. We were so proud of them. This was not an easy thing for them. They didn't know what to expect and they weren't sure what they were going to see. Some things can be scary for young kids. We thought they might be scared by physical conditions they saw. What I was not expecting was for them to be scared by what they couldn't see. And that was a lack of enthusiasm from some residents. Not all the residents were physically capable of hugging them, shaking their hands, smiling, or speaking. The girls did not know how to react to that and worried the residents did not want them there, or did not want them to sing and dance for them. Sarah rallied them for a pep talk and reassured them that the residents really did appreciate their visit and loved having them there, even if they could not show it. The girls passed out tissue paper flowers and drawings they colored and sang some songs. It was so fun! And the residents did love it. But how could they not? ;)

So proud of our Daisy troop and we had a wonderful time visiting Arbor Rose. :)

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