Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduations Galore 2012

Both my girls had graduation ceremonies this year. I could not have been more excited for the school years to be over and to have this Summer to spend with my babies! We have so much fun together when we are on school breaks. And I treasure these days and moments with them. But I also treasure schools and teachers that put on really sweet graduation ceremonies designed to pull at my heart strings and bring tears to my eyes. :)

First we had Ella's ceremony. This was only 3 of the 5 Kindergarten classes.

The kids sang a few adorable songs like "You Got a Friend in Me" and "I have Big Dreams"

Then they were called up to get their Kindergarten diplomas. Here is Ella's entire Kindergarten class. 2012 Mrs. Hughes :)

My dimple faced girl. She looks SO much like Jimmy's Mom in this photo.

After the show we went back to the classroom for some treats and so the kids could say goodbye to each other. Here is Ella and her friend Ryan.

This was waiting for us on Ella's desk. A cute class photo but also a DVD of photos from the entire year of Kindergarten set to cute background music. Totally was not expecting that and I LOVED it!! :) What a great surprise!

My girl was so excited about her diploma, but was also so excited to give Mrs. Hughes her end of year gift.

We are so proud of her :)

After we took her to lunch at Olive Garden (her choice). Later that night it was Ryen's graduation ceremony for Premier Learning Academy. :)

Ryen is so shy usually and we promised her we would sit in the front row so she could see us the whole time. We were encouraging her to smile and sing. It worked! (no tears and no stage fright like the Christmas performance)

She did AWESOME!!! And then got to go up and get a diploma. She is "graduating" from the preschool class to the Kindergarten class next year. She will be a pre-K technically since she is not of age to be officially registered in Kindergarten, but she will get the same curriculum to prepare her for Kindergarten in 2013 :)

Afterwards she posed for photos with her classmates and teacher.

We love Mrs. Kiersten! So glad Ryen gets to see her everyday for another whole year.

We love all the staff at Premier Learning Academy :)

Proud Poppa!

When I tried to pose with her she threw herself into my arms and hugged me tight. Nothing feels so sweet as her little hand on the back of my neck. I could tell she was proud of herself.

And I am proud of her too :)

We all are. Love my family... so proud of both my girls and excited for the next school year.

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