Friday, June 1, 2012

Camping with the Neighbors 2012

Can't believe it has been a year since our last (and first) camping adventure. We were all really excited to give this another go! We packed up two kids with strep throat our two dogs and so much stuff in the car we had to beg a friend to bring our cooler up for us. Good thing Daddy and I had the best front seat co-pilot for the ride up.

Since the kids really want to go camping every year we decided to start investing in the things you need to be successful and comfortable campers. Well almost. Camping equipment is a big investment. Luckily we have neighbors who have upgraded to better stuff (like Campers on wheels) and we can still borrow some stuff. So we invested in 4 sleeping bags and a camping stove this year. We borrowed an air mattress and a tent from friends. :) And check out the size of this palace we borrowed!

Skid row?? Ha ha!

Both girls were very excited!

The kids loved playing Left Right Center for bubble gum and candy. Ryen couldn't care less about the game she just wanted the gum :)

Fire time!! Yay! We thought we may not be able to have one because of the wildfires up North.

The kids did great sleeping. Me and hubby on the other hand... not so much. I am a super light sleeper and had no ear plugs. And let's just say the traditional rules of campgrounds (minimal noise between the hours of 10p-6a) are not followed in this crowd ;) Hubby didn't sleep cause the dogs were very restless. They just wanted to get out and explore and he kept having to yell at them to go to sleep. And he had overactive bladder syndrome that night so all I kept hearing was the unzip of his sleeping bag and tent. LOL! But on a positive note, the kids slept like BABIES and the new sleeping bags we bought are AMAZING! The next day we headed to the lake for some fishing and fun! Enjoy the pics!

All in all, the campsite was awesome! Nice new bathrooms, neat level tent sites, drinking water spouts readily available, privacy. The weather was gorgeous (a little hot during the day but nice at night). Saturday night I discovered a new passion for smores made with peanut butter! Most delicious thing I have ever tasted! And thanks to my friend Marlo and her husband Tom, I got a pair of ear plugs to wear on Sat night and boy were they amazing I slept like a baby! As did our tired kids and as did our exhausted doggies! Woot woot!

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