Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Break Fun 2012!

The kids have been on Summer break since June 1st! And we have been having so much fun! First we went camping together with some neighbors to Lynx Lake. Then we planned fun activities and playdates with all our friends we have not seen in a long time to visit many of our favorite places!

First we hung out at our friend Brooke's house for awhile. Later we were joined by Michella and her kids. It was so nice to have fun and catch up with some of our friends.

Next we met The Palevsky boys at the swimming pool for some fun!

We also met with our Two Under Two friends for some water slide fun at our friend Danielle's house :)

On Thursday I had my last bible study of the Spring session while the kids played at my friend Brooke's again. And later that night I made it out for a Moms Night Out with some friends. It was long overdue!

Then it was Friday morning fun at the movies through the Harkins Summer movie program! Best deal in town!

Later that night we had a fun sleepover that included dressing up and forts!

This past week we started off going to the Science Museum in Phoenix.

We saw a fire show (the kids really enjoyed it)

We tested our center of gravity on the "spinny thing" (the girls name for it)

We got our picture up on the big screen in My Digital World.

My brown eyed girls ;)

And we made some awesome silhouettes!

And I can't go to Heritage Square without snapping a couple pics of my babies in front of one of my favorite buildings. :)

After the Science Museum we met up with our friends Deanna, Paige and Tanner who are home visiting from Singapore and our friends Yolonda, Izzy and Vincent.

The next day it was another Museum! This time we went to the Arizona Museum for Youth and Artville. Lucky for us they were doing an exhibit on animals! :)

My kids loved dressing up like a doggy and kitty and playing in the sticker room :)

There's always lots of crafts and activities to make there.

And all the kids loved playing veterinarian!

We had a great time with our friends :)

Ella had dress rehearsal on Thursday for her recital. And we snuck away for lunch during a break from it.

We went to the Flight Deck Cafe at the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport.

Friday was back to the movies for our Summer movie program. But this time we had a friend with us :)

Saturday was the big night! And our baby did awesome! The Countdown is on! We leave for Boston in 3 days to enjoy the rest of our Summer vacation with family and friends :)

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