Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fame- Dance Loft 2012 Recital

The big night is finally here! Ella has been waiting a year for this and quite frankly so have I. There were times when dance classes became a chore every Tuesday, but we plowed forward anyway just to get to this night. It is not that Ella does not love dance class, but she doesn't love it as much as she loves other things. She really just wanted to have the hair and makeup and beautiful costume. I have taught her though that you don't quit something you have started. You see things through to the end. So here we are!!! Dance Loft 2012 Recital: FAME!!!

But first we had to get through a couple hours of Dress Rehearsal. I got to see my baby all made up and in her costume before show time. She looked so beautiful and we had so much fun together. :)

Some of the Dance Loft Dads actually got on stage for a Dad's performance. It was a pretty entertaining throwback to various boy bands.

In the second half some Dance Loft Moms did one too. Theirs was a Richard Simmons sweatin' to the oldies vibe.

My eyes were tearing at Act #3 of the show cause I am the biggest sap ever. Even though my kid was not coming out till Act #27. But 26 acts later it was showtime baby!

Poised and ready to go :)

They danced an adorable ballet routine to "I See the Light" from Tangled

She did so great!

So proud of her and her classmates!

It took me forever to spot her during the finale (even though she was right in front center stage. EPIC FAIL) By the time I tried to snap a photo she was running off stage so this is all I got. But I did catch a photo of her pose at the end. (They got to choose their pose)

She was so proud after. Couldn't wait to see Daddy and get her flowers and show us her medal!

Sissy was proud of her too! :)

We all were!

Ella loved the Step and Repeat they had inside also, complete with red carpet. She felt like such a star! :)

Afterwards we all went out for frozen yogurt to celebrate. And while she was celebrating her performance I was celebrating figuring out who to jazz up her recital t-shirt. Long story short, I found out the hard way on field trips that apparently Mom's like to jazz up, cut up, fringe, add beads, or bling to field trip shirts. Me... never even thought of it. I was tipped off this was happening to some recital finale shirts so Ella and I watched some youtube videos, bought some supplies and gave it a go. And she LOVED it. And so did I. Supermom earned a new tiger stripe, ha ha!

What a great night! Can't wait for Ryen's turn. We may have to come back next year since Ella will be moving on to sports instead of dance, and I love me some tutus :)

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