Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boston here we go...

Not sure why but this last flight to Boston seemed like an ETERNITY! It might have been because our flight wasn't leaving till 3:25pm *only non-stop they had that day. Or because the kids lost interest in the movies I brought to watch, and were tired and cranky for the last hour. But eventually we made it. And at midnight Boston time we got our luggage and were headed off in Grandpa's car to my childhood home :)

The kids and I went to bed around 2am. Ryen got me up around 8:30am. Our cousins were already waiting for us! Justin, Olivia and Jake were there! yay!! Ella woke up about an hour later and we all had a nice fun leisurely morning. :)

Then Ella, Ryen and Jakey headed outside for some fun in the sun!

Olivia and Justin joined us for some fun and lunch outside too. These kids are crazy ;)

Then we cooled off with popsicles!

There is that "eyeball sweat" of Ryen's! LOL It keeps reappearing in all these photos after she wipes it away! ha ha

Awww nothing like cousins :)

Then we headed back inside to play and to visit with Uncle Joey and Auntie Samara!!

Soon though, we said our goodbyes for now, so we could head to Cape Cod with Nana and Grandpa for a weekend of some fun at the beach house! :)

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