Friday, June 22, 2012

Cape Cod Pool Day with Nana and Grandpa

We started our weekend with Nana and Grandpa by not even getting to Cape Cod till about 9pm. ugh. But that's ok. The kids and I unpacked, set up our room and got to bed around 11:30pm. Hey it was better than 2am the night before. At least we were moving in the right direction :)

Ryen got me up at 8:30am. Nana and Ella joined us at 9am and SPOILED ROTTEN Grandpa got to sleep till after 10am. Lucky Guy. But not so fast. Turns out he would need that extra sleep later, ha ha. We spent a leisurely morning playing with bubbles outside, having lunch on the patio, reading the paper, watching some tv, cuddling on the couch, playing with babies and drinking coffee. But soon it was time for pool time! :)

Ella and Nana :)

Grandpa found this bucket of balls and dumped them all in the pool! The kids loved it!

They were convinced this was Grandpa's pool (per his doing) and thought it was so nice of him to share it with all the other people that live in their community. LOL

We had such a great time! And the water was NOT freezing! Yay!!

Popsicles with the Grandparents :)

Then we headed back to the house to get washed up and ready for dinner. Look how cute we all looked.

Little did we know that within hours Ella, my Mom and myself would all be throwing up like crazy. A nasty stomach bug hit us hard. My mom and I slept most of Saturday (the day we had planned to take a ferry ride over to Martha's Vineyard) and my Dad was on Grandpa duty for like 8 hours. He took the kids to the pool for 5 hours then took them out for ice cream. He watched TV with them in bed. HE WAS A LIFE SAVER. And while it sucked to lose that whole day doing something fun as a family at The Vineyard, the kids didn't know any different. And they NEVER get that much alone time with Grandpa so it was probably a good thing over all. :) And hey there is nothing like a day of fasting and throwing up to get you ready for your beach comeback the next day! Woot woot!

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