Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beach Day turned Sick Day (again)

The weather report was indicating the rain clouds were going to disappear before lunch time so we could possibly sneak in some beach time with our babies before Lisa had to head home with her girls. Apparently we were the only ones who heard that report cause when we got to the beach at 11:30am there was no one there!!

Which was ok with me.

And when the beach is empty you can do so much!! ;)

Playtime for baby!

All 4 kiddos on the Swings...

My Guiliana. I am smitten!!

I am not the only one who is smitten however. Ella has caught the baby bug ha ha.

And little Isabella is such a character! :)

Monkey bar fun!

Sweet little Angel pose, ha ha.

And I even saw my future vacation home ;)

I wish I could say this trip to the beach had a happy ending but unfortunately my Sister got so sick. She caught that stomach bug that my Mom and I had a few days earlier. Poor thing. We barely made it home from the beach before she was throwing up. :( In fact while she was throwing up inside and her babies were sleeping, I snuck my girls outside to run and jump in the rain puddles. We hardly get rain in AZ and so now we love it!

And seriously, Lisa is such a Supermom. She knew how bad her kids wanted to be in their own beds and in their own homes and how bad they wanted to see their Daddy. So she packed up her car and babies and drove them home an hour in spite of how sick she was. (and had to stop for gas and had to pull over to fill a tire with air) What a trooper. Luckily she did not have it as bad as my Mom and I did and she was on the road to recovery quickly. I loved my time with her and my nieces and cant wait to see them this weekend. :)

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