Friday, June 29, 2012

Main Street and Marina - Goodbye Cape Cod!

For our last day in the Cape I wanted to take my kids to Main Street to walk around. We were there for 8 days and hadn't made it down there yet. We started by browsing some shops.

Look at this AWESOME sign I found. ha ha. Appropriate for Supermom ;)

Then we headed down to the Carousels.

Ryen was so excited to find the one horse with a Mermaid on it. She is obsessed with Mermaids right now.

They loved it!

Next we headed down to get some ice cream.

The famous black bear was not outside when we first got to Main Street and my kids were bummed. This bear is a staple on Main Street. It has been there for a decade or so... So they were really excited when the store employee brought him out :)

We went to the Marina next. I had to get Ryen a replacement dolphin figurine that she lost in Arizona on Mother's Day. I promised we would go to the same store and get a replacement. So off we went.

We found these beautiful hydrangeas and just had to stop for some photos.

This one looks like she is waiting for her yacht to be ready. Maybe someday baby... ha ha

Then we headed to the store and our favorite skeleton was still there waiting for us along with a few other friends. :)

Love this Marina. It is really beautiful.

Here are two more photos from the day that I love :)

What a great way to cap off a wonderful 8 days in Cape Cod... bahahahaha

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