Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Shortly after my sister Lisa and her girls arrived I was told the weather was going to be crappy during our time together. Starting with a cold and rainy day all day on Monday. But that was fine with me. It was a good excuse to stay indoors all morning, be lazy, drink coffee and play with my nieces. More importantly my kids got to play with their cousins a lot :)

But eventually it was time for one baby to nap and another to eat. So I decided to take my girls out for a little while to give my Sister the house. So we tried to go to this place called Zooquarium but when we pulled up it said it was an outdoor activity. Not good for a rainy day. But right across the street was a place called Bonkerz Party Zone. So in we went. The place was small but cute. It had a huge climbing structure with tunnels, slides, obstacles etc.

It also had a bounce house, some arcade games and a prize counter.

They even had an awesome underwater themed wall that was perfect for my mermaids!

But really though, any place with a rainbow disco ball is alright with me :)

The girls had a good time and it was just perfect to kill an hour or two.

Then we met Lisa, Isabella and Guiliana at the Cape Cod Mall for some carousel rides.

After we headed on to Barnes and Noble so the kids could check out the children's section. Ryen and Bella played with the train table and checked out some toys.

Then my girls wanted to put on a show for me on the reading stage.

Isabella decided to join the fun and was even doing a couple baby freeze moves. :) It was hilarious!

Guiliana even got to enjoy in the fun for a bit!

After we were done playing we took Bella back to the carousel. She was begging for the "horsees" :)

This time Ella got to get on the spinning tea cup. Yikes. Luckily she had people to ride with as I would have just puked. ha ha

Afterwards we took the kids to Friendly's for dinner and ice cream. My sister and I split a mint chocolate chip frappe (I haven't had one in years) and the kids love the Monster sundaes.

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