Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recovering at the Beach and cousins Round 2

There is nothing like 17 hours of sleeping and 36 hours of fasting to get you ready for a beach day! My babies couldn't WAIT to get in the sand. So off we went with Nana and Grandpa for some rest and relaxation.

My girls collected shells while I rested in the sand.

My Dad thought he was going to get to relax now that I was feeling better but the kids were spoiled from their Grandpa time the day before and kept asking him to play with them, ha ha!

My kids loved watching the ferry boats go by and the waves they created and they loved trying to find baby fish in a little shallow pool.

They also like the ice cream truck when it visits :)

But soon enough my sister Lisa arrived to kick off our girls vacay together and I got to see my nieces. I had not seen Isabella in a year and Guiliana I had never met. What a treat it was to be with them! :)

Her kids instantly took to me AND to my kids!! :)

Later we said goodbye to Nana and Grandpa, had some dinner and bathed and jammied our precious babies.

I loved the pose Isabella struck when I asked her to smile for me! She is such a ham!! LOL

Love these girls!!

And look who crawled for the first time!! :)

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