Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Ryen!

How did we get here? Another year gone by already. It is like just yesterday I brought this beautiful baby girl home to meet her sister and settle into this crazy family. You had a personality of your own right from the start and quickly carved your niche in our house and hearts. You are exactly what we needed to balance out our house. I often say you and Ella are like Ying and Yang. While at times it can cause problems and conflict between you, I foresee a future where you will be exactly what each other needs to balance each other out. I see you being a calming force in Ella's life and someone Ella can always turn to when she needs a compassionate shoulder or an empathetic ear. I see Ella being the one you can turn to when you need encouragement, a confidence boost or need your sissy to have your back. :D

You are so caring and sensitive towards others. You are very kind and considerate. You are not pushy or aggressive. Although you love the idea of pinatas you cry every time cause you are just not aggressive and can not even imagine pushing your way to the front or fighting over candy. It is so endearing and one of the gazillion reasons why I love you so. You are quick to say sorry when you do something wrong. You are pretty quick to do what you are told. And up until now almost never gave us a hard time. We will see what happens with 4... you are starting to get a little sassy at times and test our limits but you never test long or hard cause you cant stand to be in trouble. You can get your feelings hurt so easy and when it happens you just get this sad little pouty mouth and burst into tears. It breaks my heart and stops me dead in my tracks when it happens. But you are SO forgiving towards others and so quick to turn your tears into laughter and hugs and put it behind you.

You are just starting to get into drawing lots of artwork. You sit for hours and color and draw and practice your letters. You just started a gymnastics class that you love and you LOVE school. You are excelling so much in your last year of preschool and we are so proud of you. You are also just starting to get into games and can get a little competitive *especially with your sister. You also are learning about winning a losing and we are trying to teach how to be good at both ;) Lately you have been making up stories about getting into trouble at school. Maybe you think sissy gets a lot of attention for this and you are looking for some too?? It is actually quite funny and your teacher thinks it is hilarious too. So we are trying to show you lots of attention for just being you :) You love to snuggle, hug, kiss and nurture your Momma. You don't like to see me sad at all. You say the darndest things and are teaching me to stop what I am doing and play with you even when I think I don't have time, cause before I know it you will be in Kindergarten at Carlson and gone from me all day every day too. Big Sigh. But while I have you I will enjoy every second that I am blessed to be your Mother. I will kiss every inch of your sweet face and chase you around the house to the sound of your giggles and screams. I will kiss every ouwee you get until it no longer hurts. I will carry you when you say you are too tired, even though I know you are just being lazy, cause to me that is snuggle time. I will remember you telling me you love me more than Dora, Santa, Ariel and Aurora cause that is just about the biggest compliment you could pay me. I will cherish the times you come over to me and rub my arm or back or leg for no reason at all, other than to show me your love. I cant wait for all the things you will experience in your 4th year and all the amazing experiences I have planned for you this year Bunny.

So on your 4th Birthday my sweet girl I give you your Birthday ABCs. Happy Birthday my love, from your most grateful Momma.

A- artistic
B- beautiful
C- charming
D- delicate
E- empathetic
F- funny
G- generous
H- happy
I- insecure
J- jealous (of your sissy being older sometimes ha ha)
K- kind
L- likeable
M- mischievous
N- nagging (a lot lately ha ha)
O- outspoken
P- playful
Q- quirky
R- reliable
S- serious
T- talkative
U- upbeat
V- vulnerable
W- wacky
X- xpressive (cheating)
Y- young
Z- zany

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