Monday, November 17, 2008

Turkey Crafting?

Ok so I came across this craft on a website and thought I would try it with Ella. I invited my friend Amanda and her 18 month old Paxton to join us. Well needless to say the craft was adorable as you can see in the photo below. Only problem was Amanda and I did all the work.

Paxton just wanted to chase my dogs all over the house and Ella was trying to stick googly eyes in her mouth and kept begging to get down from the table so she could chase Paxton, who was chasing the dogs. Amanda and I trucked on like troopers however and completed the craft, wondering why the heck we tried to have them do a craft that was more for a 5 year old.

But live and learn. Either way the Turkeys came out good and the kids at least had fun holding them (and trying to ruin them!)

To learn how to make them click here. Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. Those are adorable! You know, Jacq doesn't really get into a craft unless there is paint involved. She did however really like the goldfish bowl one. She glue on all the rocks and goldfish herself. I hope we can do crafts with you guys some time.