Monday, May 24, 2010

Waking up AZ style...

Lying in bed this morning listening to the birds chirp outside my window and I hear a strange sound. WOOSHHHH! hmmm? Did I just hear something...? Close my eyes attempt to drift off to sleep again and less than a minute later there is again WOOSHHHH! It was so loud this time like someone was standing right outside my bedroom window. I jumped up out of bed and said "I know that sound!!" It is a sound you wouldn't really recognize unless you had been as close to one as we have been time and time again since moving here... I ran and grabbed Ella who was watching cartoons (and my camera) and said follow me outside quick!!

It seriously was hard for us to find what we were looking for at first cause we were looking in the sky for it. Then I looked at eye level and saw it just coming up over my fence. A GIGANTIC Hot Air Balloon! I wasn't expecting it to be that low and I fumbled to get my lens cap off. This video doesn't really do it justice as it was so much larger, so looming, and so much closer to us than the video might make it seem. But the two story home in this video is my next door neighbors house. You can see see how it looks like it will it barely clear her roof without hitting it. (of course it wouldn't hit the house, but it looks like it is very close to it!)

Enjoy: (for those of that you get this blog emailed to you click here to see it)

So fun! How could I go back to sleep after that?? Good Morning everybody! :)

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