Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's Museum of Phoenix

I recently got a great deal on passes to the Children's Museum. My kids love it and we don't get to go often enough. We had so much fun as usual. The girls let me take lots of photos... probably too many, LOL. But some of them give me an excuse to practice some photography. Enjoy...

I wish I could recreate this at home, but you really need high ceilings and skylights to make it worth it

The balls are floating on air!

Such a big girl

Look at Ella helping lil' Sis through the climbing structure after she fell and got owies...

And here she is comforting her afterwards. So cute! :)

Look at my beauties! :) I love them...

Heading through the "car wash"

Who knew they were such good "window washers". Time to put them to work at home! LOL

They were having so much fun! :)

Posing with the bird sculpture.

Picking flowers in the "garden". They smell so sweet.

Playing with the light up sand table

Then we went to the "food market" for some shopping :)

A visit to the "ice cream shoppe"

A run through noodle forest

We had a great time exploring the museum

Can't wait to go back!! ;)

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