Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

During spring break Ella had pneumonia, step and a double ear infection. So there was very few things we could do where she wouldn't be exerting herself. So I decided to take the girls out to Joe's Farm Grill. It was featured on Dives and Diners and has been a local celebrity ever since. Not that it wasn't popular beforehand ;). But the girls had never been so we headed out for some yummy lunch.

PS: The girls had just come from a photo shoot for a kids yoga class. So I dressed them in colorful yoga clothes. Hence Ella's hilarious outfit! ;)

We sat at the picnic tables that are all around the building.

We found a cool but muddy little patch of Orange trees to pose with :)

We played on this cool rock wall and then went looking for some big trees!

And boy did we find one! :) And we also found FRIENDS!!

We loved the nice surprise of bumping into our friends Makenzie, Madison and their Mommy Michella!!

We can't wait to go back again :) Thanks Joe's for a fun and laid back lunch for my baby sick with pneumonia.

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