Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bathtime Fun!! BEST VIDEO at end!!!

The girls took their first bubble bath tonight, thanks to some princess bubbles bought by Nana. I don't know if it weird or not that they hadn't had a bubble bath yet, but you guys know how I am with mess and I wasn't sure how they would handle the bubbles. Anyway, Ryen hated it at first. Did not like the bubbles and wouldn't sit down. I had to keep asking her to sit for photo so there would be no naked parts in the photos (per Daddy's wishes!) Ella liked the idea of bubbles but wanted a wand and to pop them like bubbles outside and when I told her they weren't those kind of bubbles she asked if I could take the bubbles out of the water. But then she warmed up to it! Here is a photo collage (some of you may have already seen this on Facebook).

But now for the best part!! Ryen is talking up a storm lately and was in such a good and fun mood during bathtime that I thought we could capture her talking on video. This video is hard to sit through without cracking up. Trust me. She is just so adorably cute! She even cracks Ella up when she starts imitating Wubzy from Nick Jr. Check it out!! Gosh, I just love these girls to bits and pieces... Enjoy (3 minutes but well worth it!) Thankfully bubbles are covering most of her- hee hee!

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  1. Omg I think these kids get cuter and cuter every day. I have missed them so much! I cannot believe that Ryen is talking so much and my god Ella is just beautiful. <3 you little Carilli women!