Friday, January 1, 2010

Zoo Lights- Christmas Eve Tradition

So our annual Christmas Eve tradition is to hit The Phoenix Zoo for their annual ZOO Lights event. This tradition was started between us and our good friends The Palevskys. They are Jewish and didn't have a whole lot to do on Christmas Eve and Jimmy and I didn't have any family out here and no one to spend Christmas Eve with. So it worked out perfect for us to hang out together and hence our tradition was born!

This year my sister Lori and my niece Livvie were able to join us. The kids LOVED it! They ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate, got these cool light sabers, and of course ooh'd and ahh'd over all the lights! They also got to ride the carousel on the way out which they loved! It was another fun Christmas Eve for us and we were home early enough to put the kids to bed so Santa could do his thing. Here are some collages and then some individual shots of some of my favorites from the evening! Enjoy!

I love this photo of Livvie and Ella!

I love the beautiful trees in all the different colors...

How amazing was the new peacock they got this year (in the middle)??? Awesome!!

My favorite photos of the night:

Me showing Ryen my favorite zoo lights tree (they have it every year!)

Good times for us grown ups...

...and good times for the kids!! :)

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