Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to me!!

So I turned 30 again this year. I don't like to celebrate my birthday on the actual day, since it is so close to Christmas (the 28th of December). Last year Jimmy and I celebrated on June 28th. This year he surprised me with a sitter and we had a nice dinner out. The next day I baked my birthday cake with Ella and her friend from next door Rachel! Here are some photo of us playing around in the kitchen and the ugliest cake you have ever seen but the kids loved it! lol

Little did he know that I had surprised him with getting my sister to sit for the kids for 24 hours so we could have an overnight date! I was gonna take him to Sedona but instead we decided to check out the new casino! It was so much fun! First we went and saw not one but TWO movies back to back at the theater! It was awesome! We have never done that ever! Then we stopped home for dinner and then out for our night at the Casino! We had so much fun playing roulette all night! We gambled with the same $30 for like 3 hours ha ha! We had a great uninterrupted night of sleep and slept as late as we wanted in the morning. Lastly, we went to breakfast in the morning on the way home with NO needy kids! Thanks to Lori for that great night! When I got back from these two date nights, Ella had made me a birthday card. Check out the birthday cake she drew for me COMPLETE with CANDLES!! How frickin smart is she seriously? She is drawing so well it is amazing. Here is my card!

Later that day we sang Happy Birthday and ate my monster of a cake!! Hee hee. Here are me and my babies and me blowing out my candles!

Then about 5 days later my girlfriends surprised me with a birthday brunch! It was very sweet and nice to get together with them. They also got me a cute card and a Dunkin Donuts gift card. How cute are they!? I love them... sigh.

All in all it was a great 30th Birthday ;)

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  1. What a great birthday and birthday present. Sometimes I think the best presents are things we can't buy.