Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Day Photos

Christmas was so fun for us this year. As Ella gets older and understands more we are able to do do way more things. Ryen was actually old enough to sit and open presents and even play with them. Hard to believe last Christmas she was only 10 weeks old. Where did 2009 go??? We have two before and after photos that I just LOVE...

Santa's cookies before and after

Ella loved looking at the bites he took and reading his letter to her and Ryen!

Christmas tree before and after!

This was the first year that Jimmy didn't let me put ANYTHING under the tree until Christmas Eve. Usually we would have some presents from their Aunts/Uncle/Grandparents, a few from us and one from each other under there. But when Jimmy was little the tree was always completely empty till Christmas morning. I have to say, it did make it more exciting and we got more of a wow factor from the kids in the morning. The photo on the right doesnt do it justice. There were so many presents it was ridiculous. The presents also filled under the tree all the way back to the wall. There were presents on top of each other, presents filling the floor and seats of the Barbie Jeep! It was insane! And we LOVED it! So did the kids! Santa was good to The Carillis, and thanks to Black Friday and Mommy going out at 1am to shop it was good on our wallet too! Woo Hoo!

Here are collages of the girls Christmas Experiences. First Ella:

And Ry Bunny:

Ryen was hilarious! She would not get out of the Barbie Jeep for like the first half hour of opening presents. We had to bring the presents to her and let her open them in the Jeep! But she loved it!

And lastly, mine and Jimmy's Christmas experience:

These are a few individual photos of some of my favorite shots of the morning!

Pretty girl!!

Crawling under the tree for gifts!

Christmas is fun!!

Lounging in the jeep!

Couldn't wait to drive it!

And my FAVORITE photo of the morning:

"This is SOOO exciting!" ha ha! :)

Then my sister Lori and her family came over for Christmas. Ella and Ryen played with their cousin Livvie and then we all had a nice ham dinner. We exchanged presents and had some yummy fudge and treats for dessert! It was a nice conclusion to a very relaxed Christmas. My first one with family in 6 years! Here is a collage of our day with them! (PS Check out the Tu-Tu I made for Ella to wear on Christmas day! My first and ONLY tu-tu I will EVER make myself.)

Guess what? Exactly 10 mos from today I get to put my Christmas Tree back up!! ha ha ha! 349 days till Christmas comes again! ;)


  1. LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! You guys are such an adorable family and it looks like the girls had a wonderful day on Christmas!

  2. The tutu looks awesome, you'll have to fill me in on why it is the only one you are going to make, (: