Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enjoying My Littles- August Week 1

The quest to spend more quality time with my babies continues. I have fallen off course a bit. Slipped into my old habits of facebooking, reading, blogging, tivo'ing, or online shopping too much and leaving my children to their books, toys, and TV to pass their free time. But the more they fight over the same toys and pillows and chairs and anything else they can think of to fight over the more I am reminded that my time with them is limited. I need to take advantage of how eager they are to be with me, play with me, hang with me, cuddle and kiss with me, etc. I know if I don't do it now I will regret it one day when I am pining for their attention and they want nothing to do with me. :)

The first week of August we had a lot of fun and were very busy. That Sunday Riley and Madison came over to play with us for a bit. We colored, played video games, and played dress up. The kids had lots of fun.

Ella and Madison drew family photos (so cute) (but Madison insisted on having this creepy naked baby sitting at the top of her paper and refused to let me move it! ha ha)

Even Ryen colored on her water mat (I would've given her a marker but lately she gives herself a hitler stash everytime)

Poor Riley spent most of the time playing Video games on his Daddy's cool phone cause I don't have cool boy toys apparently...

...and he was way outnumbered by girls wanting to play dress up!

How funny is she as a runaway bride here?

But eventually Riley did come play with Ryen at least and had a good time.

Ella and I dusted off the bike later that day and went for a ride, even though it was 100+ degrees. She was SO excited to be out and about cause she has had Summertime cabin fever. She kept stopping the bike to smell the trees and flowers.

She even got to play at the park for a bit before we hopped on our bike to end home.

The next morning my big girl got all beautiful and dropped off at school while Ryen and I did the grocery shopping, had a quiet lunch at home together and then went in for a nap. After school we picked up Ella and met some friends at Toddler McDonald's for some fun.

On Tuesday night the girls and I all had a shower and got in our PJs for movie night. We watched Ella Enchanted for the first time (Ella's new favorite movie) and shared a big bowl of popcorn. They were SO excited to spend this time with me and I loved cuddling with them and all our wet hair. :)

On Wednesday Ella went to school again and Mommy and Ryen met friends for breakfast at my new favorite place CHOMPIES. OMG love it there so much I ended up eating breakfast there three times in one week. Whoops. LOL

The girls were mesmerized by the dessert case...

but no one more so then Ry Bunny who was SO excited over these Elmo cupcakes

I wont get into details here about the epic battle that Ryen threw after I bought her the cupcake, all because I wouldn't let her eat it in the car. She has never thrown that big of a tantrum and I have never been more angry at her or emotional about it then I was that day. Enough said. :(

On Thursday my friend Carina had us over to swim with Dominick and Brooklyn and Michella and her girls Madison and Makenzie met us too. We had a great time being goofy in the pool with friends.

Ella and Dominick having some fun

Brooklyn gets dunked

Makenzie and Madison

And these two have way too much fun together!

Later that night we threw all the pillows on the floor and had family fun time just lounging and tickling and wrestling on them! And a good old fashioned pillow fight too.

On Friday Ryen went to school with Ella!! Ella's school also has a daycare on site and Ryen has been pitching the biggest fit when we drop Ella off cause she wants to stay and play. Since Jimmy and I had furniture shopping to do we decided to put Ryen in the daycare for 3 hours that morning. It was PAJAMA DAY at Ella's school so we dressed both kids in Jammies.

Look how cute they both looked goofing off in the car in their jammies:

Ryen insisted on carrying Ella's old backpack. So we put diapers and wipes in it and her bunny blanket. :) She looked so cute and grown up walking into "school". They said Ryen only cried for about 5 minutes and that was it. When we picked her up at 11:45 she was just about to have Pizza for lunch and told me she didn't want to leave. ha ha. Big improvement over what happens at the gym daycare where she hyperventilates.

On Saturday we had Mackenzie's 3rd Birthday party. It was monkey themed!

Later that night it was time for a Mom's Night Out. We all decided to crash in on Lisa and Susan's plans to eat at a trendy little Scottsdale joint called LGO (Le Grande Orange). We had pitchers of Sangria's and salad and pizza and such a good time (as usual). After we went to Postinos for drinks. Love these ladies...

Me and Lisa G.

Ummm Yes Please! Yummy WHITE Sangria

Showing off our full lips!

Kim wanted to try too... (PS what is with my head tilt in the next photo??? Now I know where Ella gets it from apparently! LOL)

Me and Tanya

At Dinner:

Drinks at Postino:

What a week we had! Stay tuned for pics and stories from the rest of our August. :)

(PS If you are wondering: YES my hair is getting ridiculously uncomfortably annoyingly long. But I am growing it as long as possible so I can cut it off and donate it to kids with Cancer in honor of sweet Baby Violette.)


  1. Awe, I love you girls. The pictures of you and the girls watching the movie are precious. And I love Ella's pink shirt. Totally inspired me for my next project. Love you.

  2. So Kassidy is looking at these with me and sees Ella's helmet and says "oh hello kitty", then sees her bike and says "oh pretty, more hello kitty" and then sees the picture of you guys eating popcorn and starts laughing! I wonder why these 2 kids can't play nice together? I'm seriously thinking it's Kassidy and I am so sorry that they fight every time we come over! I love these pics and it's fun to see what you guys are always up to :)

  3. Thanks again for babysitting! Next time I'll leave Landon too. Can you handle 5 kids? :)

    Looks like a super fun week! xo

  4. @Jessica I love you guys too. :) Cant wait to see the next project! You are getting So good and I plan on hitting you up for Halloween outfits for my girls very soon! I am sick of them wearing their costumes 10 times before trick or treating even rolls around so I am looking for something washer friendly they can wear to all the parties.

    @Lisa B. Maybe they dont play together enough and that is the problem? Let's get them together more often. And honestly, I have so much fun with you when they fight (I mean play) together that it is worth it! ha ha!

    @Lisa G. I would love to have all three sometime. I could use the quality Landon time.