Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun with Mommy Friends

I have some amazing friends. And we love getting some Mommy time together. We aim for a MNO once a month. With Summer break and other things our last two or three have fizzled out. I think it is just too damn hot! But speaking of HOT- NOTHING could prevent me and some besties from seeing ECLIPSE together! We waited 6 months for this and even paid twice as much money to get an exclusive showing of the movie 5 hours before its official midnight release! Which is a good thing since most of us are moms that have to get up with kids.

Can you tell we're excited????

And I was super excited to wear my custom T-Shirt. Move over Grey's Anatomy boys, we're swooning over Vampires and Werewolves now! ha ha. And since the T-shirt company screwed up my first shirt- I gave it to Adrianna. It was better than nothing right? ;)

And here we are excited and being goofballs:

We had a great time and now we only have to wait 18 months to see the next one. Breaking Dawn Part 1! OMG What will I do with myself till then?

We also had Kim's baby shower recently and we were all so excited to help celebrate Baby Girl Taylor due this September. Here are some photos from her Baby Bling shower:

Jessica and Susan (also due in September)

Michella, Lisa and Tanya

Paulina and Kristen ("Just say Ding") lol- sorry private joke...

And below is Sue our SEXY host of their super cute Family Fued game.

Now I must tell you that I sort of have a reputation for being cut throat competitive and hard to beat at baby shower games. It sort of started as a joke one shower after I won by a landslide playing the celebrity baby name game (I knew my subscription to US weekly for the past 5 years would pay off somehow lol). But now since the joke is so funny, I try to live up to my reputation at each shower. And these girls really do think of me when planning shower games to figure out how to stump me. To no avail. At Danielle's shower I won a different version of the celebrity baby name game that was specifically designed to stump me. Ooops... At Tanya's shower we played Jeopardy, and it was my game winning strategy of being the only team to wager ZERO during final jeopardy that led my team to victory (all the other teams wagered almost everything). And at this shower it was Family Fued. Which just happens to be one of my favorite games of all time. And after our team won victory in Family Fued I was chosen as one of the players to play the final money round. I had to leave the room while my team mate answered first and then Pamela grabbed my camera and captured me running back into the room to help my team mate play the second half of our final money round. Running. In a mini skirt and heels. That is team dedication right there. My reputation is in tact. My team... victorious once again. LMAO! ;)

And here are all of us girls who were at the Shower. Such a wonderful group of women. I am truly blessed to be able to call them my friends.

And I have another great group of women in my life known affectionately as my 2 under 2 friends. I met these women two years ago when I joined a playgroup for Moms who had 2 children under 2 years apart. We were supposed to support each other and prepare each other for the challenges of raising two kids so close together in age. Over the past 2 years our group has gone from a playgroup of people dropping in and out to a private group of 5 gals who for the past year have spent EVERY Friday together boasting, bragging, bitching, complaining, praising, encouraging, crying, laughing, drinking, supporting and loving each other and each other's kids....sigh. And we never get group photos with each other, cause quite frankly who the hell is gonna hold the camera and take it right?? But today we got one. And I am super excited! Here we are:

This is from left, Stephanie, Me, Danielle, Trish, and Keely. (of course Danielle is about to become a Mother of FOUR UNDER FOUR and Keely is Mom to THREE UNDER THREE!!! Yikes!!) But we will always be known as the Two Under Two girls as that is what brought us together. But it is love, admiration, respect and the ability to be brutally vulnerable and honest with each other that keeps us together. And check out how HOT we looked at Keely's wedding reception. Sex and the City has NOTHING on us! LOL

Here is to many more good times with all my friends. Love you guys.

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