Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jeepers with the Seevers! ;)

Today we were supposed to go to Enchanted Island Amusement Park with my friend Pam and her daughters Madison and Riley. Her girls are the same age as my girls. Perfect. We had had these plans for weeks, and sure enough the night before we are to go, it pours, and the temperatures drop big time! So we thought it would be chilly and windy to be outside. So we decided to head inside to Jeepers, the indoor amusement park.

We knew in advance this place was ghetto, run down, old, and outdated, and not in the best part of town either. But we also knew the kids would love it, and wouldn't notice or care. And we got exactly what we expected! There were like 5 people working the entire place, and we never saw any employee over the age of 16 the entire time we were there.

Most of the games were ghetto and most had signs on them saying they were broken. WTH? But we managed to have some fun with some of them anyway! :)

The ticket redemption area looked like it had been robbed. Instead of the neat overflowing bins of goodies you find at peter piper pizza or chuck e cheese these counters looked like an empty cupboard with scraps in it. ;) Oh and our food took like 25 minutes to come out. For a pizza and a side of fries.

But we were right that the kids didn't know or care and thought the place was the bomb. A recap! The spinning Monkey Barrels were a favorite ride...

We had a lot of fun in those barrels!

We enjoyed some ride on toys and the train of course!

And the flying planes were great!

Seriously how cute is this camera ham, Riley on the right?? I could eat her with a spoon, she is so frickin' delicious! ;) (She reminds me of Cindy Lou from Whoville in the Grinch story in this photo.)

Madison and Ella were tall enough for the bumper hover cars, but Riley and Ryen were too little

The climbing play structure kept them occupied for a while so we could sit and chat about important things like shoes, botox, makeup and boys! I love my time with Pammy!

These two are gonna be trouble someday, I can just see it now... ;)

But by far the best attraction was the roller coaster. Which went so fast even I was scared on it. I rode with Pam and Riley and the speed of the roller coaster sent the two of them crushing me and pinning me against the side the entire ride. This thing was no joke. I kept turning around expecting to find kids crying, but nope.... not this bunch.

Then all four of them decided to go on together and we strategically put Ella on the side where she would be crushed cause she is the biggest of them all. As you can see by how hard it is to get a clear picture of them without a crap load of blur that is how fast this thing was whipping around!

We had so much fun and cant wait to hang out with you girls again! :) LOVES

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