Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Festivities

We had so much fun this year for Easter. Between school, playgroup and neighbors the girls went to three egg hunts each. But I love it! There is something about seeing eggs strewn lazily around some grass that makes me smile.

And Easter Baskets and colorful eggs sitting in anticipation of little happy feet and squealing children.

The kids were rearing to go!

I love watching the kids scooping up eggs with pride and excitement, and Ryen holding each one up like a trophy and throwing a shy smile my way. Our first egg hunt was with our Thursday besties.

The kids were so excited to check out their loot in their baskets and they also got to decorate cookies :)

We loved playing with our besties too!

The next day we went to our Easter party and egg hunt with our playgroup friends. We had so much fun playing with friends...

We had such a wonderful day.

Easter Morning was great. The kids opened their Easter baskets in their jammies!

Then we had our own egg hunt in the backyard...

Then they came inside to open their eggs which had MONEY for their piggy banks :)

Then they had a breakfast that I had to close my eyes and pretend was NOT happening... Chocolate bunny, fruit roll up and bugles :)~ GAG

And while they laid in a sugar high in their jammies a little longer then they should have I reveled in the sight of their opened eggs strewn across the floor in abandon with a rush of excitement and then forgotten about, ha ha.

We didn't have long though before we had to go meet some friends. Every Easter since 2007 we have gotten together with the neighbors for our annual Easter Egg brunch and Egg hunt. Look at this crew.... and this was small for us, as we had a lot of people who couldn't make it this year.

This is Ryen's 3rd Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbors. The first she was 6 mos old. The 2nd one she was 18 mos and old enough to participate BUT she was napping through the entire thing. This time she was ready... and a little shy about it. :)

But she held her own, along with the experienced champ to show her what to do.

And Ella found the egg with the biggest prize... $5!! All the kids were jealous and many tried to get her to trade it to them for a small piece of candy, ha ha, which she almost fell for. Good thing Mommy was there to veto all deals.

We had a great time and a great day :)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter too.

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