Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ryen starts swim lessons!!

April 5th Ryen started swim lessons... again. Last year was a disaster. We were in a Mommy and Me class and she clung to me the entire time. Anytime she had to be passed off to a teacher she cried and reached for me. We managed to get through one lesson and she got a ton of water stuck in her ear behind a little ball of wax. That water turned into a horrible case of swimmers ear which meant 10 days of no swim class so she could heal. Then we had one class and boom, she got sick again. Not swimmers ear this time, but the doctor again said no swimming for 10 days. We ended up missing the entire month. :(

This year I was so hoping things would be better. She is way more independent now and not clingy anymore. So I thought I would have better luck putting her into a swim class without me. And just as I was about to start researching my options along came a groupon for Aqua Tots. So for $29 we had nothing to lose as we took our 5 weeks of swim. On the first day I took her a little early and let her sit in a chair and watch the pool and some of the other kids coming and going. She asked a lot of questions and I answered them. She started to get excited.

Uh-Oh Mommy, I am not sure about this...

Ryen's turn!

My good little student practicing her bubble blowing! :)

Learning her supergirl arms

Practicing her back float.


This is fun Mommy

She did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :) She loved swim class and started asking me all the time, Mommy can I go to swim class today? I am now going to enroll her in the City's 2 week intensive so that I can get her pool ready by the Summer :)

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