Friday, April 22, 2011

A Summer Preview

On Earth day it was the 7 year anniversary of being handed the keys to my home in Arizona. A home that we built and customized and were the first people to sink our feet into the carpeting. 7 years later there are 8 paws, and 2 sets of little kid piggies running all over it too... and the carpet has held up considerably well by the way ;)

But what better way to celebrate this day then to go swimming with our neighbors?

We wait so patiently for our backyard pools here to recover from the winter and reach the point that we can swim. I know it seems crazy but almost every Arizonian I know will tell you unless you are 12 and under you dont typically enjoy your pool till it over 85 degrees. Otherwise it is too cold. Sick right? My kids are fish though, and they love to swim. So Ella was so excited to go to her friend Kassidy's house for some Friday swimming with her friends. Ryen stayed home to nap with Daddy. Have you ever seen anything like this before? How many kids can you fit in a hot tub??

And how excited are we for Summer to come??

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