Friday, July 6, 2012

Davis Farmland with the Bagleys :)

This year the girls and I were able to repeat our trip to Davis Farmland with my brother and nephews again. The girls love this place.

Look how much we grown!

Whose the prettiest scare crow? ;)

Next it was on to feed some animals!

But nothing is better than being able to hold some 3 day old goats.

Even I had to get in on the action (so cute)

Then we all got to hold a snake next. I like the goats better...

On to the bubble foam!

This splash pad area is awesome! Time for some cannon wars...

Bunny held her own :) And had so much fun!

Little Jake loved the splash pad area too!

My Pirate and Hula Girl!

Next we headed over to a part of the Farm we didn't see last year. This wilderness adventure section.

They had this cool race track with these race bikes.

Poor Bunny couldn't make it all the way around but Uncle Joey came to her rescue :)

Jakey sure had a good time watching the kids...

And even though Jakey only seemed to want Nana it didn't stop Auntie from trying to steal some cuddles, even through a few tears ha ha!

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Uncle Joey and the boys...

Then we stopped to say goodbye one more time to the baby goats. I wanted to take one home with me :)

We had such a great day and I really hope we can make this annual trip again next year! :) Thanks Uncle Joey and Nana for coming along!!

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