Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A day in Beantown Baby!!

Every time I come home for a visit I like to take the kids into Boston for a day.

I love being in the City and always wonder what it would be like to be that Urban Mom that lives right in the City. We started our day with a picnic in the Boston Common.

We fed some birds

Then Ryen had fun chasing them :)

Next we went to the playground for some fun...

Nana cuddles

Silly girl

Next it was on to the Frog Pond!

Next we headed over for balloon animals :)

After it was time to dry off and cool off with some ice cream

Then we headed to the carousel!

And we got treated to a wonderful skydiving show by the Navy Seals in town for Navy Week!! How lucky was that to see the day before July 4th??? PS This AWESOME photo was taken by my Mom! Go Mom Dukes!!

Thanking them for their service :)

Next we headed over to the BEAUTIFUL Public Gardens

And we headed over to the highly overrated anticipated swan boat rides ;)

My girls two favorite parts of the ride were seeing the swan diving down to get plant food off the bottom of the lake cause the swans butt would be straight up in the air, LOL. It actually cracked everyone up on the boat. They also loved seeing a black swan. :)

After we left the Swan boats we headed over for an Italian Ice while we waited for Grandpa to pick us up :)

What a wonderful day we had! I was so glad my Mom was there to share it with me!

Thanks to Grandpa too for dropping us off and picking us up in the City, even though he was feeling under the weather. Grandpa to the rescue again! :) xoxo

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