Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

This year my sister Lisa offered to host us all for July 4th at her home. We woke up to so much rain pouring down it was crazy. But the rain rolled out and the clouds dispersed and out came the sun shine. The rest of the day was perfect weather. (although a little humid and muggy)

My girls were excited to go to Auntie Lisa's house :)

Everyone was happy to have the pool to cool off

And the younger kids loved the playset too.

Then Lisa suggested we throw our babies in together for a tubbie. What fun!

Once we were all into jammies it was play and cuddle time.

We had such a great time and my girls just love playing with Isabella and Guiliana :) It was awesome to see friends and family and spend a day relaxing by the pool and eating great food. Thanks for having us Lisa and Dave! On the way home from the party Ryen fell asleep. And just as we got near my parents house a big firework exploded in the sky overhead. Ella had just been complaining that she didn't see any fireworks. So we dropped Ryen off in bed at Nana's and I told Ella we were going to go on an adventure to find fireworks. Just she and I, special alone time together. She was so excited. I just started driving in the direction I thought they were coming from. I just happened to pull over at the playground near my parent's house and said, let's just sit here for a minute and wait for the next one to go off. All of a sudden they started going off right at the park. That is where they were being lit. And they set off a ton of them. Ella and I had front row seats and she just looked at me with these big bright eyes and a huge dimply smile and said "Mommy you did it!!! How did you know they were here???" Why because I am Supermom of course ;) xo

It was a great show and she loved it! And I loved my alone time cuddling with her under the fireworks!! :)

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