Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ella loves her little sister!

So Ella's door has the hardware turned around where her door lock is on the outside. Might seem inhumane and Supernanny would surely scoff at my lack of parenting skills for having to resort to such tactics but after 4 weeks of my child getting out of her toddler bed over and over for 2-3 hours straight just for the pure joy of one of us walking her back to her bed, we decided to end the game for her. Anyhow sometimes the door does not close all the way or the lock doesn't click into the door jam or something and when El wakes up in the morning she is able to escape. The last two mornings in a row this has happened and instead of coming into my room to see me (which she did the first time she escaped her cell) she now goes into Baby Ryen's room! Not only does she turn on the light and wake her up, but she runs to the kitchen and gets my step stool so that she can reach Ryen's crib and can hold her hand and talk and sing to her. It is so adorable I just had to grab my camera! See photos below:

Anyhow Ryen seems to LOVE seeing Ella this early in the morning and is all smiles and giggles when Ella wakes her up this way. I just have to say I have been so amazed and impressed with how much Ella loves her baby sister. There has never been an ounce of jealousy since the day Ryen came home. Nothing. She wants to touch her, kiss her, hold her hands, smile at her and make her laugh every chance she gets. Now dont get me wrong, I am not deluding myself that in 6 mos or so she will be ripping toys of our her hand and they will already begin their sisterly fighting. But for now I am enjoying the blissful peace of siblings! Here is a cute video too!

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