Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Pain No Gain

So I want to explain to everyone why you did not see my stats posted this past Sunday... I realized after a month of working out on my own and seeing no results on the scale that I needed some professional help. So I am now working out with the help of a trainer at my gym. I have been working out with my trainer for less than one week and already I can see a huge difference. I have NEVER pushed myself as hard as Whitney is pushing me. She also put me on a meal plan and CRAZY cardio plan on my off-days. Anyhow I just keep telling myself "You can do it, you can do it". I go into the gym with a fierceness like I am ready for what you throw at me. I promised Whitney I would not be WENDY WHINER the whole time we worked out, and if I was she could call my hubby. Whitney by the way has two kids under two (like me) but has the body of a 22 year old with no kids who spend all day playing in South Beach. (not like me- LOL. But that's okay because she is helping me get there!)

Anyhow point is I want to share something funny that happened today. We were doing upper body today and literally instead of resting between sets there were jumping jacks and up/downs and mountain climbers galore. Normally I would just sit there and look around in between sets when I worked out alone, or maybe sip some water. I literally reached a point of physical and mental exhaustion and slammed into a wall hard. I just started smiling and Whitney asked me why and I told her it was all I could do to keep from crying. (I felt like one of the people on The Biggest Loser). This happened to me three times during the workout where I was fighting back tears. Whitney kept telling me "You are not going to cry - You can do it" and I was thinking "this bitch is crazy" but I did it! And I told her "I promised you I would giver you 150% and I would never say no to anything you told me to do, and I would never whine and complain and go at it half ass when I worked out with you. But I NEVER said I wouldn't cry while doing it!" She cracked up. But then I told her she better not go easy on me or lighten my load when she catches me smiling like an idiot, which is my "poker tell" that I am about to burst into tears! LOL. Thankfully for me, she said "Don't worry- I wont!" Wink wink!

This is CHANGING my life!!! Once I do this I will NEVER go back to being a couch potato and not having exercise be a regular part of my life. Heck I am exercising so much I don't even have time to blog more than once a week anymore or go to playdates! Now you KNOW I must be busy if I am not blogging every day!!! Just Kidding!

PS- Mom and Sis came to visit and Ella played in Leaves and I have all these cute photos to post but will get around to it when I am not so sore and so busy! Stay tuned for my weigh in next Monday too! It is going to be GREAT!!! You watch!!


  1. You go girl! I wish I had the time and money to put into a personal trainer and working out that much!

    But it's hard enough to find time to shower these days since I've been working 7 days a week and still trying to be a full-time mom and wife :P

    You'll have to share your tips with me next time we get together!

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. how is the business going Sue? What exactly do you have to do? Are you doing sales/marketing? order fullfillment? Shipping? Packaging? Manufacturing? Do tell!