Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Triathlon and Dressathon Training

So I have officially started my training for my FIRST Triathlon. The AZ Tri for the Cure on April 19th. But you could also say this training is for my DRESSATHON which means I have a beautiful Maid of Honor dress that I must fit into by April 11th (8 days before!). So the training will come in handy for both.

When I got pregnant with Ella I was 127 pounds. When I delivered I was 160 (33 pound weight gain with her for you mathematicians out there!). When I got pregnant with Ryen I was 134 pounds, partly due to some weight I was still carrying from Ella and partly because of the pregnancy we miscarried in Nov 2007. When I delivered Ryen I was 170 (36 pound weight gain that time around). Since delivering Ryen I have lost 23 pounds and am down to 147 pounds. I would like to share my progress and training with all of you to help hold me accountable. By having to post once a week I will be forced to face the consequences! So be HARD on me if I seem to start slacking! I might need the kick in the butt!

Here are my starting stats and goals:

Starting Weight: 147 pounds
Starting Body Fat %: 24-25%
Starting Dress size: Size 12 (yes I am brave to be honest, but heck I had two kids in two years so oh well)

Goal Weight: 115-120 pounds (or my goal fat% whichever comes first)
Goal Body Fat %: 19%
(only because I am so short and need muscle)
Goal Dress size: Healthy.
(see below)

I am comfortable being whatever size I end up at a healthy weight and healthy body fat. If it is a 4,6,8 whatever. I have NO desire to be a 0-2 as I know my body and know I would have to be unhealthy to achieve that. Now, I want to stress that it is REALLY important to me that my girls have a positive body image and realistic image of what is fit and healthy. So I wont kill myself to achieve some elite athlete body fat or weight, since I am not an elite athlete, I am a homemaker! LOL. If you are wondering what is a healthy body fat % for your age I have included a chart below. I found it very helpful in helping me set my goals. If any of you are starting a healthy lifestyle or fitness plan this year, I wish you luck and would LOVE to hear about your progress as well!

Body Fat Standards for Women Recommended by Age Group

20 to 29 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 69+


Low 16-19 17-20 18-21 19-22 20-23

Optimal 20-28 21-29 22-30 23-31 24-32

Moderately high 29-31 30-32 31-33 32-33 33-35

High >31 >32 >33 >34 >35


  1. Good for you Jill! You truly are an inspiration to me and I am sure some other women in your life! I will be cheering you on! :)

  2. Thanks Andrianna! I need the encouragement! I think I am finally ready to stop making excuses and just get into a healthy lifestyle...

  3. Yeah for you Jill!!! So proud of you :)

    PS - I might have to do the same thing!