Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Morning!

Happy Sunday! I had the coolest morning today. First, both our kids spoiled us by sleeping till 7:30am. Which is RARE! Then, I go in Ella's room and she starts throwing every stuffed animal in her bed on the floor. My first instinct was to tell her NOT to do that. But I decided instead to start laughing. The more I laughed the harder she threw them and the more she threw until there was none left in her bed. So I threw them all back at her and the best stuffed animal fight EVER ensued! Daddy came in and climbed in Ella's bed with her. It got kind of funny because Daddy kept trying to grab a pillow or stuffed animal to lay his head on, and Ella kept yelling "Daddy I need that" because she needed more "amunition" to throw at Mommy! We went on this way for a good 10 minutes with lots and lots of giggles. There were monkeys, giraffes, doggies, bears, and gloworms landing on our heads and bouncing off the walls! Here are some pictures below! (My favorite is the way Baby and Elmo look like road kill!)

Anyhow because today is Sunday- it is time for me to post an update on my training and weight loss goals. My training this past week was as follows:

Monday: Body Pump hour long training session consisting of non stop weight lifting and cardio
Tuesday: Running 10 minutes/Biking 15 minutes
Wednesday: Body Pump hour long training session consisting of non stop weight lifting and cardio
Thursday: Swim Training 150 meters in lap pool
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Bike 30 minutes

My weight this morning had not changed from last week. It was 147. While this was a little disappointing, I can say honestly, I am not sure it was too accurate. Yesterday I snuck a sneak peak at the scale and was down to 145. I think the problem is yesterday was such a busy day for me, that I drank literally no water at all. So my goal for this week is to force myself to drink 8oz of water BEFORE eating anything and before having anything other than water to drink. Hopefully next week will reflect this. Good luck to any of you who are trying to lose this week!

Update: 3 mos till wedding. 3 months 1 week till triathlon!


  1. You must go to Fitness Works? We just joined at the end of December. Have yet to do the Body Pump though, hopefully soon.

  2. Body Pump is awesome! I highly recommend it. Tomorrow I am trying Body Combat at 8:30 to see what that is about. It is the kickboxing/martial arts class. =)