Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hooray For Ella!!!

Hooray for Ella, Hooray for Ella!
Ella went pee-pee on the potty... Hooray for Ella!!
1-2-3-4, who we gonna cheer for? Ella! Ella! Hooray for Ella Yeah!!

Our first hour of potty training, seems to be going well so far.
I will keep you posted on our progress! Wish us Luck!


  1. Congrats Ella!! What a big girl!!!

    Charlie has been doing pretty well himself although still can't get him to poop on it! Oh well - all in good time and I'm not trying to push it. Girls always train faster then boys too :P Keep up the good work though - it's huge!

  2. She gets an M&M when she goes pee and then gets to flush it and wash her hands (which means play) in the sink. But if she goes poop she gets all that and a sticker too. So we will see what happens and if that convinces her. LOL

  3. YAY Ella... Congratulations there big girl!!!

    Jill I will definitely need to talk to you when you are finished because i want Mackenzie done before April!! Yikes I am to brave!

  4. APRIL??! Girl you are crazy. That is way too soon. Guess what though? Ella went poop on it today all by herself. I was in the other room and she came in and said Mommy look what I did. I ran in and she had pooped in her potty! So we had a big Celebration!