Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crawling, Swimming, and Talking oh my!

Ryen is crawling! YEAH Hooray for Ryen!!

It seems we got home from Boston at the end of April and BOOM, Ryen started hitting one milestone after another real fast. She started sitting up the week we got back. Then two weeks later started saying Ella and Dada (see earlier post below) and then started crawling! Yeah! It is the cutest thing. First she dragged her legs like dead weight behind her but now she is up on her knees more. She crawled at 7 mos 10 days. Below is a video of her crawling. Way too cute for words. Even Ella is excited about it and yells "Go Ryen Go" whenever she is crawling! Only trouble is now Ryen can get to Ella's toys which Ella isn't sure she likes, and Ella also takes Ryen's new crawling as a sign that she is a big girl that can be pulled on, pushed over, rolled on top of, cuddled etc... and so we have to keep reminding her that Ryen is still little! Ahh.. sisterly love already ;)

Also our pool is officially open and Ella is back to swimming like a fish again. For the first two days she was swimming with her ring (like you see in the posts below) but now she is back to jumping off the ledge and swimming out 3-4 feet and then back. It is crazy. No rings, arm floaties, no nothing. We are having friends over to swim tomorrow and will probably get some great photos. I signed her up for swim lessons again and she is taking them with her two friends Hudson and Ryan. I can't wait to see what she can do in the pool after another year of swim lessons! Ryen also went into the pool for the first time on Sunday. She liked it! Yeah! Apparently it just had to be warm enough for her to let me put her in it. Here are some great photos to capture Ryen's first day in the pool. (PS- Yes Momma's got some buff arms these days... ;)

Lounging after her swim! =)

* footnote: Seriously I know she is mine and all and I am biased, but she is SO darn cute!! I can't stand it... And she looks like Jill Jr. in the photo above with the Gilligan hat so I don't want to hear she looks like Jimmy anymore! LOL

Ella is potty trained for the most part now. She hardly ever has accidents (maybe 1 a week if that). We went cold turkey no diapers (except sometimes during naps and at night time) and she is kicking butt at it. She goes in the car, shopping in stores, to the day care at the gym, doctors offices etc and either holds it or tells me when she has to go and we head to the potty. YEAH Hooray for Ella!!

Lastly, Ella has been saying the funniest things lately... here are a few examples (some of you may have seen these on facebook updates already- but many of you haven't)

"Mommy- you love me again?" followed by a roll of the eyes. This was after I told her like 30 times in one morning that I loved her. LOL.

"Mommy that sign means- dont fall down!" She was talking about this sign in the grocery store:
seriously though- how smart is she?

"Daddy, I am not beautiful I am DISTINGUISHED!" After Daddy called her beautiful in her dress.

"This is Octo-Mom" her name for her new stuffed animal from Ikea:
since we are potty training she also made some weird comment about Octo-Mom still having a Vagina. She was talking about her stuffed animal and not the real Octo-Mom, but seriously- I died laughing since who knows what is going on with the real Octo-Mom in that department after all those kids!!!!

"Mommy are you laughing?" She now asks me this when she is not sure if I am mad at her or not! You know when your kids think they have done something funny but you are upset with them and you say "I am not laughing!" Well that is why she asks me if I am laughing... LOL

Oh I am laughing as I type this post and now can go to bed with a smile on my face after a long day... Life is good. =)

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  1. Ryen is beautiful and really looking like a little girl more and more. I love the army crawl too! What a little overachiever.

    Ella is so sweet, her comments make me laugh. It is so funny how intuitive children are.