Sunday, May 24, 2009

Secret Sisterly Moment Captured

So sometimes while stuck in traffic I will turn my camera backwards above my head and snap photos of the girls in the backseat. I like to catch them sleeping or singing etc. Well I happened to catch a real sweet secret moment between Ryen and Ella the other day. Here are the photos...

They held hands almost the entire way home. It was so cute! My girls love each other so much; so far at least ;) PS: Hope you like the new blog design! I also made my first blinkie! Woo Hoo! I am such a dork...


  1. This is absolutely precious! Ella really does love her little sister! =) You have two adorable and amazing daughters! =) Now lets just hope they stay best friends their whole lives!

  2. I LOVE moments like this. Makenzie sings to Madison when she is fussy in the car and tries to make her laugh. Anyway, your girls are adorable and look like they are already forming a tight bond!