Friday, May 22, 2009

Time to brag about Ella!

Ella's potty training is going SO well! She almost NEVER has accidents anymore. Even at nap times. If she has one, she is usually really really tired, and the last one was over a week ago. We are officially off using diapers and hardly even need pull-ups unless it is night time!

4 nights this week she woke up with a dry pull-up on and went right to the potty to go pee pee. She pees right before bed, and then at like 10pm I wake her up (although it is more like sleeping walking) and put her on the potty. She pees and goes right back to sleep (I don't even think she really wakes up during this). Then boom- dry diaper in the morning. The one time this week she didn't wake with a dry diaper was when she didnt fall asleep till 8:45pm and when I went in at 10 to drag her to the potty before I went to bed, she was SO tired from having just fell asleep not too long ago, that she pleaded not to go to the bathroom. Since she had a pull up, I didn't push the issue.

But we are so proud of her! She starts school in Aug and we were hoping to have her potty trained before then, and seems like we will be where we need to be for that! Hooray for Ella!!

Now let's hope she gets over this strep throat pretty quick =( Poor thing.


  1. YAY Ella! Congratulations little one! =) Your a big girl now!

  2. Congratulations for both of you! That is awesome!!!