Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer has started officially!

So my little fish (Ella) has declared Summer (and The Carilli pool season) finally open. Watch these cute videos. I still can't believe she is only 2- she seems SO old! Also not sure why this video looks so choppy- going to have figure that out...

The girls are both getting so big. Ryen has been sitting up since we got back from Boston (6.5 mos old) and has said her first & second words... 1st was El-la and 2nd was Da-da. I tried real hard to get her saying Ella on video because she always stops talking when the camera comes out, but I think I got a good one. See below.

speaking of videos I have been going through my video collection on my computer to give them names that might describe what is on them and I had to watch them in order to name them. I was in tears with how hard I was laughing. I was watching videos of Ella when she was 18 mos old and she was so funny and she looks SO YOUNG. I remember at the time because she could talk like a 3 year old thinking that she seemed so old, but comparing her today to the little girl on the video, truly has me amazed at how much she has changed in such a short time... AMAZING. I cant wait to put together a DVD of her videos. Will be so funny to see how she has evolved over time.

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