Saturday, July 11, 2009

I left my heart in San Diego!!

It is GREAT to be home. I have my doggies again and the comforts of home, and I KNOW Ella is happy to be home too! Last night after the Beach and a great day with her Uncle Greg she said, Mommy I want to go home to our house... What compares to the comfort and familiarity of home? Nothing! We had so much fun in San Diego, and I swear I left my heart there. It was my second time there, but the first time, I was only there for a few hours, so all I had time to do was tour the USS Midway (awesome by the way). This time we were able to take in and experience only a fraction of what this city has to offer.

I realized while hanging out at Mission Beach, that I really was NEVER meant to be an East Coaster. I am a warm weather, beach bum California girl at heart and wish I had grown up on the beach surfing, playing volleyball, rollerblading, running, etc. Makes me a little sad and I was a little jealous watching the younger people there... sigh. Some people just know they were meant to live in the mountains, or in the woods, or in the desert even. I just know I was meant to live near a Pacific Beach. Maybe someday??! Yeah right! After I hit the lotto. Anyhow photos to come for sure but here is a teaser... my favorite from our day at the Beach, of course!

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  1. We are glad you had a good time but even more glad you are back.