Monday, July 13, 2009

San Diego Photos Part 2 (Sea World!!)

Jimmy and I have always been sort of mesmerized by dolphins, whales and ocean life in general. So Sea World was the place for us! We had a blast. The kids were great considering we were there from 10am to 8pm. It was SO hot sitting in the stands to watch the shows and humid so it felt like 95 even though they said it was about 80... We also missed Shamu because the Internet said there was an 8pm night show and we wanted to go to that one, only to find out it was not happening till 9:30! There was no way we could keep the kids out that much longer. Ryen was starting to lose it. But oh well, guess that just gives us an excuse to go back next year! ;) Here are some photos of our AWESOME but LONG day with two youngsters at Sea World!

The Amazing Whales :)

The Majestic Dolphins :)

The Sea Lion area (one came up to say hi to Ella!)

Abby's spinning tea cups and relaxing while El naps.

Ella Bell getting warm at night and in the aquarium

Ry eating peas and Ella getting her face painted (1st time)

Ry walks with Mom and El gets a ride with Dad

Our Beautiful Babies!

What A Great Day!

More photos coming tomorrow. Stay Tuned. XOXO


  1. What a fun looking trip! We want to take Chloe to the beach so bad, she has never gone. How long was the drive?

  2. The drive was 6 hours but we stopped for an hour for lunch and to stretch/play and so it took us about 7. ;)

  3. So jealous, I really have been wanting to go to Sea World lately. I bet the kids loved it.